Don't be basic, Stand out.

Don't be basic, Stand out.
It's 7:30am June of 2016 here in Tokyo and I am heading to my Japanese Language school. It's rush hour and everyone is trying to get onto the Yamanote Line, trust me you don't want to be here.
I am an African woman all the way from East Africa, Uganda but I am surrounded by black suits. this is basically what the majority of salary men, university students  wear to work during weekly days.
It is deemed appropriate for working  environments. As i go by my way, I notice that I am secretly being watched. people where turning heads to check me out. I have been leaving here in this big Metropolitan City for over 10years and I have seen people looking at me or stealing glances through hair bangs or even hiding behind Manga books and honestly it has never bothered me not even for a second.
But today it was different, I had left my apartment feeling all kind of lovely, this all started with me trying to spike my mood and the only way I know how is through beautiful uniquely done to perfection dresses or skirts. Trust me , I love beautiful colorful dresses
 It is one thing that I promised myself when I was 9 years old that one day when I grow up I will have so many dresses in different flowers or patterns because my mother loved to make beautiful dresses. I had for years worn my African dresses to Events , Dinners and some other special occasions but during all those times I would always get a cab or go driving. So when I found myself as an attraction muse to the commuters of Yamanote Line, it kind of shook me.
I bet everyone was wondering why would I wear such a gorgeous gown risking being pushed or stepped on by these no so caring commuters. If you have ever lived in Tokyo or Japan you would definitely understand that Rush Hour is not a place for Then suddenly out of the blue , I heard a voice in perfect English call out "Oh my God! it's like a Diamond", said one middle aged man. I was thrown in total confusion as how on earth in this jam packed Train someone had found a Diamond.
AS I stared around me , the same middle aged man held me tight as the Train took a swing on the tracks. He then  said  "Your dress is like Diamonds, watch out for it to not be stepped on". Tears of joy flowing down my cheeks, I could never have imaged my African gown being compared to anything but a Diamond on Yamanote line.
Being fashionably bold and unique in a city like Tokyo makes you turn Heads. Do not be basic, stand out with Mpenzi Designs